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Better decisions deliver better results – decrease time to talent, improve organizational agility, reduce cost and minimize compliance risk

As global labor markets increase in complexity, hiring managers need to improve the way they make decisions around sourcing skills and resourcing key projects.


Designed for procurement leaders, HR teams and hiring managers, Channel Advise is an easy-to-use, upfront planning tool that simplifies the sourcing decision process. Delivered as a part of Talent Solutions TAPFIN’s SOW Management offering, Channel Advise gives hiring managers the information they need to make the best sourcing decisions and deliver more intelligent and sustainable business outcomes.

Key features:

  • Intelligent question logic: Multiple ways of creating decisions that avoid “gaming the system” and produce more accurate results. Weighted questions, decision trees and algorithmic scoring help to future-proof decisions.

  • Compelling, intuitive UX/UI design: The design encourages user adoption and repeat use by multiple internal stakeholders.

  • Conversational & dynamic Q&A design: Designed by behavioral scientists and researchers, the solution’s questions create more meaningful responses for data capture and analysis.

  • Ongoing guidance: Live guidance notes linked to explainer text and videos provide rationale and raise awareness among hiring managers of key considerations in the decision-making process.

  • Integrations and advanced reporting: Traceable data, use patterns by hiring managers and insights from questions enable meaningful reporting for procurement and HR leaders.

  • Flexibility: Adjustments can be easily implemented in line with program maturity in order to adapt to changes in objectives, demand, supply channels or requirements.

What Can Channel Advise Do for You?

  • Enhance Quality

    Expanded sourcing channels enable you to expand the pool of resources and boost overall quality.

  • Reduce Complexity

    Data-informed planning and improved decision flows simplify the process.

  • Decrease Bias

    The solution was designed with behavioral scientists to be objective, reducing the risk of hiring manager subjectivity.

  • Prevent Misclassifications

    Avoid hiring “masqueraded contractors” via consultancies or otherwise improperly classified contractors.

  • Manage Costs

    Automating the decision process prior to requisition ensures you are sourcing the right talent at the right price.